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Daphne Haefliger is a Swiss designer living in New York. She studied industrial design at the Art Center College of Design in Switzerland and in California. After graduating in 1997, she moved to New York and worked for several branding and house ware product design firms.

She discovered Feng Shui in 1999 and in the spring of 2005 she graduated from the Feng Shui Masters Training Program™. Using both her Feng Shui and design background, she created a line of products under her company name Red Asterisk®. Red Asterisk is a line of beautiful and innovative products, inspired by world cultures and ancient spiritual beliefs, yet adapted to a western lifestyle.

She has been published in Switzerland and in the US. In particular, her Feng Shui Desk Set was featured in the home section of The New York Times, under “Holiday Shopping” in December 2008.


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